Your brand story, should feel as unique as you, attracting clients into your story. 

Your brand is here to tell your story and to help you to really connect with your clients.
Your unique magic is all! Through branding we just make it more visible and show it to the world.
I truly believe that we all carry a unique spark within us. We all have incredible stories to tell. And there is always someone out there who really wants and needs to hear and see exactly what you have to say/offer. 
I love great stories, and as one of my favourite lines goes: „We are all stories in the end“. We are made up of stories. And I really want yours to be a great one, and by that I don’t mean that it should look like anyone else’s. Your story should look, feel and sound exactly like you. 


Hey, I’m Lara..

Brand Designer, Empowerment Coach in training, Small Business Cheerleader (this is my superpower), self-appointed Chief Visionary, big dreamer, story-enthusiast, hobby playlist maker, writer from the heart.

I’m a film student, turned brand designer, turned empowerment coach. Even though I couldn’t really see it at the time, my guiding light has been listening to and telling stories and now empowering others, meaning you, to own your own unique magic and tell your story.

Let’s tell stories that truly connect, move and inspire people!

Starry-exed dreamer, let’s create big changes!

This is for you!

Big dreamers, rebels, storytellers, you who want more depth, connection and heart in your relationships and business. 

Change makers who believe we can make this a better place, one great business at a time.

Our guiding values

HEART - meaning human-centred approach, meeting you with compassion and empathy, celebrating you as the multi-faceted human you are.

COLLABORATION - we work together towards your goal, based on trust.

COMMUNITY & CONNECTION - Fostering community and connection, Community over competition, finding the right side-kick to work with you 
Doing good business well (always keeping in mind how we create businesses that are good to people and planet), doing business your way.

Maylea Studio strives to be an open place for everyone and stands for:
Love is Love, Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights are Human Rights, Our Body Our Choices.
Honouring your YES’s and your NO’s, because you know best what you need and is good for you. Committed to continued learning to create a safe and open space.

„100 % recommend Lara! I’m delighted with the result and got a website totally to my wishes!“

Through your friendly and authentic presence, the decision had already been made that you were the right person for my website. I got a website totally to my wishes, although I didn’t always know exactly what I wanted. That you didn’t give up even after a long back and forth and that you were understanding. And responded to all my wishes and changes. 100% recommend. Lara takes time for all your wishes and explains everything in detail. I’m delighted with the result. All my wishes were fulfilled, even after completion, changes were made. Thanks for the great work together, I’ll gladly do it again.

- Julia S.

It’s time we created a brand that your clients love as much as you.

Let's work together