I'm Lara, 
web designer & soon to be your biggest fan.

Hey there!

Hi, I'm Lara  a creative turned web designer.
After my uni days and working in marketing I decided that I wanted to be more creative and connect more deeply with like-minded people. Venturing out on my own and stumbling into running my own business, I followed the deep desire to create meaningful work that would connect and serve especially female run businesses to achieve sustainable growth. 

What really lights my heart up, is working together with amazing women, really getting to know them, their business and the vision they have. And after working together seeing the impact a well designed website has on their business.

Because I believe everyone can experience freedom, joy and creativity in their life and business, all of my designs come from the heart and are designed with intention and strategy. Good design that is true to you and your business is bound to attract the clients you want -and I'll help you do that.
Together we'll create a strategic and beautiful website, that is rooted in intention and purpose. So that you can grow confidently and attract a community. 

Running my web design business gives me the freedom to do what I love, so let me help you do what you love, too.

Let's Do this!

I'm so happy you're here!

I'm a geek - and yes my eyes start to sparkle when someone makes a
Star Wars reference 😉 
So..."May the force be with you."

I am a big believer in everyday magic and
I believe in the power of the little things and will definitely point them out to you :)

I am from Germany ( and no I don't like beer... I know shocker), but have been moving around since my uni days. My parents gave me the travel bug and I can't seem to shake it. Not that I really want to 😉

Most of my english skills come from British television and whatever
I'm currently watching. Apparently it's a charming yet confusing mix.

Wanna know more?

When it comes to design, everything I create comes from the heart. I love to dive deep into what makes you and your business unique and translate that into your website.

I highly value the connection we develop with other entrepreneurs in our field or the clients we get to work with and try to create meaningful experiences. 

Seeing other people succeed is something that sets my soul on fire.

Your weird and awkward is absolutely welcome here.


Core values


Connection + Partnership 


I am  deeply invested in your business and your success. And as my client I want to know everything about you. Entering into a working relationship with you means we’ll create a process of equal collaboration where we wanna find out exactly who you are, what you stand for and who you serve. So that we can build around what is unique to you for lasting growth and success.

I truly believe by empowering small, especially female-led businesses we’ll uplift and strengthen our communities. Giving women a voice and a platform and creating a safe space to be authentic, vulnerable and brave. To be able to share and come together, because as entrepreneurs and especially as women we are not supposed to do all this alone.

Intentional and purposeful design, means finding your north star of clarity and simply focusing on what you do best. I don’t think we need more things that are just pretty, but instead create something that allows you to make true connections with your clients and your community. Intentionality means becoming the active creators and curators of our life and business.

Ready to start your project,
or got any burning questions?