Maylea Studio is a boutique design studio helping storytellers and creators cut through the noise, own and clearly share their story, voice and vision to deeply connect with their audience and create impact. 

Your story and brand deserve to be seen and heard.

We know how difficult it is to stand out in an ever growing online space and communicate clearly and confidently with your audience. That’s why we help vision-driven brands find their voice, show their unique story and magic to cut through the noise and connect deeply with your audience. 

Brand HEart & CLARITY

Cutting through the noise, connecting deeply and having the roadmap to go after your vision and goals.

Brand Clarity & Design

Creating emotive design that lets you stand out and connect with your clients as the go-to person.  

Brand & Website Design

Creating your own platform for you to connect, establish yourself as the go-to person and convert.

Let me meet you, where you’re at


The Story of a Brand

So you might wonder, what’s the story behind branding? Can you imagine - a brand identity design that feels like home? A brand that speaks to your clients, who can see themselves in your story and as a result connect with you. Telling your brands unique story and connecting deeper and attracting your ideal clients, building community and making your business profitable as the ride-or-die for your clients.

Well, if you can imagine that, let’s create connecting, emotion-driven, strategic, wow-ing brand for you.



Hey my love :)  I tried to come up with something very creative here, but as this is a letter to you, I hope it’s okay to be written exactly like that. I just wanted to let you know that I see and celebrate you, incredible human, wherever you’re at right now! I bet that you have incredible ideas swarming in your mind, a million things you want to do and a really great vision for your business and your clients. You feel, you’re here to create impact, serve other amazing humans and feel empowered,

inspired and joyful while doing it. I see you being the incredible wonder-one-woman-show, handling it all. And sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes the next step is not quite clear, or you’re having trouble figuring out how to really connect with your audience, or show up as the amazing expert that you are. My dear, I feel you in all of that, and wanna let you know that you’re not alone! Wherever you are right now, you are doing great. You have a unique story, gift or vision that deserves to be shared.

Your brand and story deserve to be seen and heard.

Let's connect

„100 % recommend Lara! I’m delighted with the result and got a website totally to my wishes!“

Through your friendly and authentic presence, the decision had already been made that you were the right person for my website. I got a website totally to my wishes, although I didn’t always know exactly what I wanted. That you didn’t give up even after a long back and forth and that you were understanding. And responded to all my wishes and changes. 100% recommend. Lara takes time for all your wishes and explains everything in detail. I’m delighted with the result. All my wishes were fulfilled, even after completion, changes were made. Thanks for the great work together, I’ll gladly do it again.

- Julia S.


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